Silently Judging

Silently Judging Just for fun. I'm not actually judging anyone =P


I warded enemy red and enemy!Yi pulled it into the brush… HOW IS THAT WARD NOT IN THE BRUSH?!

that brush is curved around a bend. Wards dont give vision around bends

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I warded enemy red and enemy!Yi pulled it into the brush… HOW IS THAT WARD NOT IN THE BRUSH?!

that brush is curved around a bend. Wards dont give vision around bends


I’m gonna start writing again, just cuz I want to remember stuff =P . We’ll see how long this lasts this time XD

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Sitting at my desk on the first day of work. This shit is surreal… So tired. I spent like 3-4 hours moving around giant boxes to and from our storage room like 6 blocks away, activating like 50+ data jacks so people have internet, and fixing network hubs. But I’m enjoying it. Gonna come out at 5pm $104 richer =D


So…Warwick Township is only about half an hour away from where I live… kiiiiiiinda slightly worried



Near death…

Driving to pick up a food order with Michelle turned into a dangerous situation… At some point, a really tiny grasshopper like 1cm long got into the car, and Michelle FLIPPPPED SHIIIIT. She tried to climb into the back of the car to get away from it in a panic and kicked my transmission into neutral… and I felt the car’s engine go CRAZY since I was still pressing the gas. I quickly shifted it back into drive so it was fine. Thank god she didn’t kick it 1 more notch up (reverse). We’d have been so fucked XD. 

It’s all good though. Not mad in the slightest. Only thing that matters to me is that we’re both safe and alive =). Got an interesting story out of it at least =P

Interview and Train Save

So I finally got a reply to one of my job applications recently. Honestly sometimes it feels like no matter how many dozens of applications you send out, no one gives a shit >_< . Needless to say, I was pretty excited about this then, and scheduled my first ever job interview.

So after spending the night at Michelle’s on Thursday, we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the city for my 10am interview with NYU’s ITS. My nerves were starting to get the best of me, and my head entertained various failure scenarios…ESPECIALLY considering I forgot to bring my NYU ID so I could get into the NYU building O___o . Yea…so I had Michelle’s ID, and the plan was to just pray that the guard wouldn’t look at it too closely when I flashed it for like half a second. She’s a lifesaver =) . Seriously, having Michelle with me for support that day calmed my anxieties. Forever grateful <3.

So thankfully the guard was retarded as NYU guards usually are and I got into the building without a hitch. The lady interviewing me was an Asian lady in her late 20’s. So the interview starts, and the first question was, “So I see you don’t have any previous job experience…what’s up? Do you just not like working or something?” I was like…holy shit…I’m screwed… But everything turned out okay and I was hired on the spot! First paid job ever, and I’m getting paid 13 dollars an hour, which I’m MORE than satisfied with. I’m now an ITS employee hahaha. I get to help Professors plug in yellow plugs into yellow sockets when they don’t understand how to match colors =P.

To congratulate me, Michelle treated me to Lamarca (really nice pasta place that we love). On our way back, there was a point where we had to transfer trains, and I realized after we had already gotten off the first train that my phone wasn’t in my pocket!!! I was fucking depressed…I’d never lost a phone before… A few minutes later, Michelle hands me my phone though. Turns out she saw it when we were getting off and picked it up. The bitch watched me be all depressed for like 20 minutes!!! LOL. Nah I love her for picking it up =P . 

All in all, perfect day

Another attempt to start using Tumblr

After realizing that I often forget good memories, I took Michelle’s advice and decided to use Tumblr again. So here it is. We’ll see if it sticks this time…considering my failed attempts at using Tumblr regularly in the past XD

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